Apples Mac App Store – a revolution in computer software?

A succesfull introduction of Mac App Store
Last thursday Apple gave the possibility for downloading apps to your Mac computer. In the same way as we allready know it from the iPhone and iPad. When App Store for Mac opened there where about 1000 apps to download. After 24 hours one could read, that there where downloaded more than 1 million apps.

Maybe the App Store for Mac will become a succces.

See toplists over the most downloaded Mac apps
Here on you can see up-to-date toplists over de msst downloaded Mac apps.

What impact will Mac App Store have for computer users?
I think, that one of the major differences between the use of applications for computers and apps for iPhone/iPad is, how easy it is to get the them and install them. I know many people that never buy any other applications than the Office suite for there computer.

I think this will radically change with the new App Store for Mac. And I will not be surprised, if Microsoft very soon follows with an App Store for Windows.

In this way, Apples newest move can be the start of a developement, so that we in the future will be using much more different applications on our computers. An I think that will increase the joy and usefullness of computers.

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Most downloaded Mac Apps:

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